Too Close to Home

The color guard moves forward during the Casing of the Colors for the 3-69 AR at Fort Stewart, October 2012.

The color guard moves forward during the Casing of the Colors for the 3-69 AR at Fort Stewart, October 2012.

I am writing this entry filled with mixed emotions. The plan was to write about my amazing weekend in Charleston visiting with long time friends and cadets whose parents couldn’t make the trip to town. Then the news out of Afghanistan came in. I’ve taken a couple of days to let the news sink in.

First the report that two US soldiers were killed and several wounded. The next report was of a helicopter crash killing all on board.

The warm glow of a weekend filled with reunions and great conversations turned to the chilling realities of war. I could tell by the locations of the report that my son wasn’t in the helicopter or on the base where the soldiers were KIA. Just to be sure he was OK I sent a message to him asking him to just send an “I’m OK” message. He did, and pretty quickly too.

Even though I heard from my son my mind still went to the scenario of hearing an unexpected knock on our door. The knock by uniformed representatives of the U.S. Army that the families of those KIA this week have received. I don’t know why I allow myself to go to these dark places. Perhaps it is a way of empathizing with the families who do receive these knocks.

Today the news reports are being released with the names of the deceased. One of whom is in my son’s battalion. My prayers are with his family, his platoon and battalion members and his friends. The other soldier who died is the friend of my high school friends son. Both are graduates of West Point. The news of the soldiers killed in the helicopter crash is just beginning to be released as the families are notified.

Once again the war hits too close to home. My prayers are with the loved ones of these fallen soldiers.


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  1. Dorie, I thought of you this week when I heard the news. I simply cannot imagine what you are going through. I worry so much now and my son is only at The Citadel. I would probably never sleep if my son was where your son is. God’s Peace my friend.


  2. Heartbreaking. I think it’s natural to go through those scenarios, too. Prayers for the families of those fallen and prayers for the safety of those still there. Thank you for your heartfelt posts, Dorie.


  3. There by the Grace of God…..My heart aches for the lives ended too early and for those left behind. Being the mom of a soldier and helicopter pilot, this news does hit too close to home.


  4. condolences to those military families, friends, and buddies. may they find comfort.


  5. Wow Dorie!! I know your stress level must be through the roof. This was just too close for comfort, but thank God Nelsen is ok. I pray for him (and others) everyday and will continue to until his safe return.

    Trevor’s tour is starting to wind down. He told me on FB yesterday that he was packing a bag to be shipped home soon of things he doesn’t need. It should be in May sometime.

    I’m sorry I didn’t see you in Charleston last week. I didn’t know you were going to be there or I would have searched you out!! We usually bump into each other though.

    Take care and please let me know if I can ever do anything for you.

    Denise Martin 770-883-8784

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. My heart sinks and my eyes fill with tears for those families. I liked the honesty in your post as my mind also strays with odd scenarios, and my son is not even there yet. I hate to admit but also think that we as a society are often distant or desensitized to many tragedies. I am honest to say that the closer this all reaches me personally, that I have grown and learned a new appreciation for prayer and connect. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Prayers to all, here and gone.


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