Trying Something New

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I’ve been posting here for about 7 years now. What started as a way to share my experience as a parent of a cadet, then military officer, has grown far larger than I could have ever imagined.

This blog led to the formation of Facebook groups for parents organized by class year. I found the groups that were available to parents included parents of all classes and some also  included alumni who did not have students there. It led to sharing of information with cadets and in some cases bashing of new parents for asking questions. I’ve made mistakes as a group creator and admin, but have learned from them. The groups now have posted guidelines and rules to help assure that the groups are helpful and to make certain standards are followed.

This has been a labor of love on my part. motivated by the desire to support parents and to provide a non-anxious presence. The reality is the groups have grown in size and require the lions share of my time. Like most people I have expenses to cover. This site and the new blog comes with costs in addition to my time.

I’ve been encouraged to start a Patreon account. It is a platform that creative people use to gain support so they can continue creating. Please take a moment to look at my new Patreon page then share your feedback with me either here or in a private message on Facebook or by email (listed in the About section of this blog). I am  not sure I’ll post anything about this to the Facebook groups I created since some members there are less than understanding.

Thank you for following me here. I appreciate your interest.


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