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The military blog site Off the Base posted an entry I wrote about the value of the friendships I formed at The Citadel. These special ladies are my dear friends now. I never expected that when my son started as a knob that would find life long friends too.

I read an article today about Felicity Aston, the young woman who crossed the Antarctic by herself. She said the toughest part of the journey for her was being alone. There is a sermon in that statement. It struck me that out of all the challenges she must have faced, including dangerously low temperatures, being alone was what she said was the toughest part.  I don’t know about you but living in the antarctic for a few months in a building would be more than I would consider. Hiking through the icy wilderness is beyond what I could image.

It occurred to me that the strength it took for her to cross the Antarctic is similar to the strength it takes for young women and men to train in the military. It is similar to what I observed happening at The Citadel when my son was a cadet. In the several years that I volunteered with the Citadel Family Association I heard from scores of parents when their cadets were struggling. Most every time the hardest part for the young cadet was the feeling of being alone. Slowly during that first year they first year knobs learn to pull together with their fellow knobs. Handling a difficult situation is so much easier when you share the burdens with another person.

The training the cadets and active duty military members receive helps them learn to be self-sufficient, but also how to pull together as a group.  From my experience as the parent of a cadet and now a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, parents, especially Mom’s, know how to resource with each other.  The Citadel Family Association helps new parents learn the ropes.  Groups like is a forum for Army parents to find help and support.

On these pages I’ll share the information I have learned about the Army as we begin our own journey.

See this link to read about LDAC and commissioning.

A blog entry about using Google, YouTube, and Facebook to find information about bases, training Family Readiness Groups and More. Army Mom Uses Websites, YouTube, Facebook to Learn

Tracie Ciambotti is the mom of an enlisted member of the Army. She founded a nonprofit group called Military Families Ministry and also contributes to the blog site, Off the Base. You will find her insights very helpful. Her new book, Battles of the Heart, is available through West Bow Press

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