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Citadel Parent Info

***2/10/2019 Please note: I am no longer updating the blog posts for Citadel parents. See the official school website for the most up to date information***

My son graduated from The Citadel in May of 2011. During his 4 years there I learned quite a lot about the school and the 4th Class system.  The pages on this blog reflect what I have learned. This information is not comprehensive. It is a reflection from one person’s perspective, but I hope it will help other parents as they support their cadet through a tough, but rewarding process.

I encourage all parents to learn what they can about the school to support their cadet. If at any time you have questions about policies, procedures, or have concerns about your cadet while they are at the school, you should always contact the appropriate department at the school. The Ombudsperson’s office is a good place to start. They will keep your conversation confidential if you wish, and they can refer you to the appropriate office when you have a question.

If you are a parent who would like to ask questions of fellow parents, The Citadel Family Association is a great place to start. They have volunteer parents for each company and battalion as well as parents in various parts of the country who serve as area reps.

While I no longer have a cadet at The Citadel, I am still happy to reply to messages about being the parent of a cadet. Please email me at: Dorie@dorielgriggs.com

September 2007, knob year, Chelle and Dorie visit with Nelson and Matt.

Nelson wears the Ring, Parents Weekend, 2010.


5 Responses

  1. If anyone has an idea on where to find the clear plastic containers in a size close to the 32″length X 18″ width x 11″ height permitted, please let me know. I’ve found several that had 2 of the dimensions right but were either too big or way too small re: the third one.


    • You won’t find a box in those dimensions. They are meant as a guide.ANY clear plastic underbed is fine. No one will measure it. See the photos in the blog entries for examples.


  2. […] Parents: Great blog from a Citadel Alumni mother who was at our playoff game in Atlanta this weekend. Thanks Dorie! https://doriegriggs.wordpress.com/citadel-parent-info/ […]


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