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The Citadel Family Takes Care of Its Own

The Ring

The Ring
photo by Stanley Leary

Each fall on the campus of The Citadel a ritual takes place during Parent’s Weekend. The seniors receive their hard-earned rings. I wrote about this tradition last year in a blog post, The Citadel and the Fellowship of THE Ring.

The ring for the Corps of Cadets isn’t just any college ring. They have to earn the right to wear it. Unfortunately for some the cost of the ring stands in their way. For years the alumni have stepped up to the plate to help the few cadets who need it.

There is now a fund through the Citadel Alumni Association and The Citadel Foundation  to help these cadets meet the cost of the ring, The Palmetto Ring Fund. The alumni take care of their own and this is just one more example of how they take care of their newest brothers and sisters.

The Palmetto Ring Fund fund and the SGT. Aaron X. Wittman, USA, ’07, Memorial Scholarship fund are two funds I support.  Aaron was in the same battalion as my oldest son when he was killed in action in Afghanistan this year. I had the privilege of attending the burial service for Sgt. Wittman earlier this year. You can read my entry about that experience here, In Memory of Sgt. Aaron Wittman, An American Hero.

I invite you to join me in supporting current cadets in this way. Please visit the websites for: The Palmetto Ring Fund and the SGT. Aaron X. Wittman, USA, ’07, Memorial Scholarship fund to make your contribution.

SGT. Aaron Wittman's tree on Warrior's Walk at Fort Stewart.

SGT. Aaron Wittman’s tree on Warrior’s Walk at Fort Stewart.

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  1. […] soldiers from his unit. Today as I was posting a photo of Sgt. Aaron Wittman’s tree from the Warrior’s Walk at Ft Stewart a private message showed up in my Facebook […]


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